Found a Home Already

Hyalite Opal, Oamaru, New Zealand

Gone to a new home. Quite a tricky one to paint. This is a hyalite opal specimen from Oamaru, North Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. The width of view of the specimen is 5mm. Watercolour and coloured pencil on A5 paper.

Bakari, a Male Lion, ZooDoo, Tasmania

Commission Work. Bakari is a male lion that lives at ZooDoo, a wildlife park in southeastern Tasmania. He was used as the subject for a commission painting. Watercolour and coloured pencil on A3 paper. Image is a closeup, about a third of the final work.

Sulphur, Italy

Found a home already. Yellow sulphur crystals contrast nicely with a dark matrix. This painting one of a number that I took with me to Tucson one year. This one did not come back. 😁 Watercolour on black paper.

Seven Stones

Commission Work. I was asked to acquire seven specific rocks/minerals and paint them. I found most of what was requested while in Tucson, Arizona. Watercolour on black card.

Portrait of Rod Martin

Found a home already. This is a portrait that I did of a friend of mine, Rod Martin, a well-known New Zealand mineral collector. Ink and watercolour on black card.

Iridescent Pyrite, Todd’s Quarry, New Zealand

Found a home already. This is an illustration of iridescent pyrite from Todd’s Quarry, Arapohue, Northland Region, New Zealand. This location is well-known for pyrite that grows preferentially in one direction, resulting in long crystals rather than the standard cubic habit. Sometimes these crystals abruptly change direction at right angles...